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What size dropper post ?

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My 2014 Norco Range Alloy just came in (Small) It has a port for a stealth dropper post. I'm looking at either a Rockshox reverb stealth or a KS LEV Integra. I'm just not sure what size I can put on it? Thanks for any info.
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Should be same diameter as the post it came with.
Thx for the reply. I am wondering about the length. The diameter is 30.9. In specs it says it comes with either a 350 or 380mm post. So I am wondering, can I get a KS pist that is 385mm with no issues? Thanks again
It depends on how much seat tube you have exposed vs inside the St. Let me see if I can find this chart I found the other day.

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Hey guys. Thanks for all the replies. Big help. Much appreciated

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