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2005 5 Spot ridden maybe 25 times if that. XL. mint. some still want the old 4 bar horst (whatever it is called) I hear

Frame and Pushed Fox shock?

or complete XTR, disc, King Mavic build?

are you guys having better luck here or ebay?

I am a novice internet seller: Complete bike or part it out?

thanks fo the input and or any other suggestions


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Search for "Turner" on eBay and do a completed item listing. I'd guess that $500 would be a good starting price on eBay.

There is an XL on eBay right now going for $355, auction ends in 35 min. I'll post final price when item ends.

Edit: that frame just went for $435.

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lidarman said:
The odd size effect along with the new DW design I suppose.

Or could it be that we are in a deep recession?
How is that possible when GDP for 2008 will exceed 2007:confused: Google it.

Having said that, my 06 sold for $695 shipped recently. I think you will get more in the spring when folks will be looking to buy and spring fever has set in.
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