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What should I be looking for?

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Hi all,

I am starting a new job and would like to ride to the train station every day. It's just a few miles each way. Normally I ride my Specialized Rockhopper around town and in the trails. But I need something that is cheaper since I'll have to lock it up outside everyday. I am near Boston so it will have to be able to deal with snow/rain. I was going to try a local shop that sells used bikes and maybe craigslist if necessary. Wouldn't want to spend more than about $200 if possible, and wouldn't want it to look too flashy, if that makes sense. I'd need to it be a better ride than a target Huffy though so I wouldn't dread riding it. I'm partial to mountain bikes due to crappy roads and riding off curbs but I'm open to other ideas.

So any advice on what kind of bike I should be looking for or search suggestions appreciated.

O and I was thinking of attaching some sort of baggage system to the bike so I could use it for lugging things around town. Not sure if that's possible on all types of bikes.

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Funny you mentioned a Target Huffy; my suggestion is a Wal-Mart Schwinn! The Sidewinder would work pretty well for you. You could also look at the Mongoose Paver from that same source, as that bike (about $125) is impressive for the price.

They would serve for short commutes and light utility.
My vote would be for Craigslist. $200 will go a long ways there. Or better yet, half that for C.L. and the rest for cables, nice tires, or anything else it might need.
Go for KHS Urban X. More than $120 buck of your budget but I still think is affordable and losable. Fender, rear rack and side stand. Everything u need for a commuting.
I'd go with a craigslist MTB beater. An older one with eyelets for fenders and a rack. Tough enough for your commute around beantown, low profile and yet not terribly expensive if it does get stolen.
For a baggage system. I would suggest a HybridBackpack. It allows you to take your backpack, shoulder bag or laptop bag. And it sits right on top of the rack instead of on the side like a pannier.
Since you already have a Rockhopper, try out the OG.
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