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What rear wheel?

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posted this elsewhere...
seems like a good deal, but is it sh1t?
I can't post the actuall wheel but I'm looking at the pimplite (26" Pimplite DJ Wheels $40 OFF!! ) rear wheel. $180.00

I don't know anything about either of those rims/hubs/etc... what do you think?

or is there something else I should be looking for?
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First link does not work.

What is it supposed to be Transition Revolution? They're okay. Azonic Outlaws are okay too. If you do not need a bolt-on rear axle, the Performance Forte Loco can be had very cheap. It's the same rim as the Outlaw, just with 32h instead of 36h. Hubs on any of those wheels are okay. Nothing special.

Atomlab makes some good stuff. By no means the lightest out there... The hub is okay, a bit better than some of the other inexpensive hubs out there, but nothing exotic.
So you have about $180 to spend? Personally I would go with a good quality handbuilt wheel. Liiiike a Mavic 729 rim 36 hole laced to some hub that fits the price range in a 4X pattern. Bombproof!
my outlaws are holding up great. for the price they are hard to beat. mine are 2009 i think. ive come up short on plenty of 180s and they are still perfect. the hubs spin forever (front does at least). the back is very quiet at first though. once it breaks in its a little better (for those who like noisy hubs)
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