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What racer do you guys ride?

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I'm looking to build a short travel race bike. I'm looking at things like:
Titus Racer-X
Giant NRS and Anthem
Canondale Scalpel
Specialized Epic
Kona The King
Trek Fuel series (any good?)
Santa Cruz Blur and Superlight

What else are people running that they like?
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robdamanii said:
I'm looking to build a short travel race bike. I'm looking at things like:
Titus Racer-X
Giant NRS and Anthem
Canondale Scalpel
Specialized Epic
Kona The King
Trek Fuel series (any good?)
Santa Cruz Blur and Superlight

What else are people running that they like?
you might want to try running a search on this forum on some of these bikes. this topic has been covered several times recently.

rt (really like my titus racer-x)
Yeti Asr-sl

I bet 50% of the people I race against are one of these. (colorado) I bought one a few weeks ago and now I know why! I had a hard time picking between the RX and the Yeti, but in the end the Yeti felt a little better.

I also have a Scott Scale HT that I use on smooth/short events.

(spoiled brat)
In service right now..
1 Spider(you forgot it)

My fav? The Spider
Anthem...just make sure to dump the R7 fork..their sh!t. Mines in for warranty for the second time...first time died 30km of riding, got it back from warranty and it lasted a whopping 8km of pre-ride before biting it again. Junk absolut junk. But the Anthem is tits!:thumbsup:
As rt said, do a search. All of the bikes you listed are top of the line racers. You can't go wrong with any of them. Will have to come down to price (if thats a limitation) and more importantly which one fits best. My guess is you've pretty much already decided but are worried about making the wrong decision b/c a racer is so expensive and you don't want any regrets. Like I mentioned before, they are ALL top of the line race bikes. The only thing you'd probably regret is overspending.
For the record I'm on a specialized epic. Love it.
teebor76xc said:
Anthem...just make sure to dump the R7 fork..their sh!t. Mines in for warranty for the second time...first time died 30km of riding, got it back from warranty and it lasted a whopping 8km of pre-ride before biting it again. Junk absolut junk. But the Anthem is tits!:thumbsup:
Um ya, manipoo is not high on my list. My dad's fork leaked out all of its oil through a hole in the fork leg. I guess paint kept it sealed for a while, but that is just s*** quality.

I like my NRS a lot. Softens bumps, but when you stand up and sprint, it locks itself out to give hardtail efficiency.

Lots of the bikes mentioned are awesome, and likely you could be very happy on several of them. To be competitive, you need to have a good product. A lot just boils down to preference.
You can put your fav parts on any one of them, so I'd look at:

cost vs pedal bob (or lack of) vs warranty vs frame weight vs fit vs water bottle spots (1, 2 or none)
Yup. All will do the job in the end.

The more I race, the more obvious it is..that after a certain std is achieved, and its setup right for the task at doesn't matter what your on, really. More mental then anything. As long as "you" are happy with your tool of choice. Then your styling imo. Chances are..and any problems aside, well as my competition..will all place according to our state of fitness and how we use it that day. Plain and simple. But, I still love my bikes LOL!

Now that I think about it, I've used 3 different bikes over the last 4 races these past few weeks. But thats the ol 'whatever suited the course best' deal. I call that a luxury.
Try the Turner Nitrous...I have benn racing on one this season and it rocks.
For my riding style and the races I hit a hardtail is the most fun. It's not the most efficent or the fastest on all of the courses I race. But there are certainly times when I'm glad to have one, and I know without a doubt it's faster. With my hardtail I have the option of taking 20 minutes to set it up SS if the course is appropriate.

My bike is a test mule for the production bikes. My medium frame right now weighs in at 3.2 pounds. Changes to the semi yoke, seatube and dropouts will have the mediums sub-3 by Production. This bike rules!
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I race a Litespeed Sewanee. Built up it is 22lbs and very responsive. I used to have a TI Racer X, but I sold it to get the Sewanee, and it was the right move. The Sewanee feels so much more nimble and light. It weighs the same as my hardtail (Litespeed Tanasi), so the Tanasi is not gettin much use lately.
I ride a Spider like Duckman... it's a very stiff frame and handles great. I have to say that I also really like the Anthem... when the carbon one is released I'll be drooling.

I was at the Sugar Mtn Norba race and saw a bunch of Anthems... lots and lots of everything else too.

Of the 10 frames or whatever listed above, get what you like and what fits and you'll be good to go. Just make sure you have a good shock and fork too.

It's interesting to read about the R7 being flaky as I almost bought one rather than my Reba, but I made the right choice. The Reba is getting great reviews on this board... sorry for going OT on that though. My point is, whatever frame you get, do it justice with some good parts.
Fuel and EPIC

I have a Trek Fuel 100 and a Specialized EPIC. They are both great race bikes. The Trek is a little more race oriented with a firmer suspension. It also has a more stable feel due to the longer top tube and wheelbase. However, the EPIC handles the twisty singletrack better and is much easier around tight switchbacks. For pure racing I would opt for the Fuel due to the lighter weight frame and more high speed stability. However, both are very race worthy. I also have a hardtail but it doesn't get much attention anymore.:bluefrown:

The top of my future wish list are the following: Yeti AS-R, Turner Nitrous, Turner Flux, RacerX, and Rocky Mountain Team Element, and Sworks EPIC Carbon (I have M5 Alum). I'll just keep playing the lotto :p
the Yeti ASR -SL

Is one of the most popular at the races here in Colorado , I race a Orbea Oiz it is a 3" bike that is great for my weight 190 # the Luna Chix team is racing orbea's this year and i have heard that the lighter riders have trouble getting the rear end set up kite enought due to the design that the carbon has a small amount of preload built into the the bike.

Edit: weight 22 lbs with 500 gram tires ! this bike is way faster than I am, super climber get on the desents braking with the horst link ! Just an incredable bike go test ride it you will by one. I had it down to 21.38 lbs then i change out the stem bars and tires it's 21.93 as it sits right now!!


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Gary Fisher Supercalibur Raceday

I just picked up the Gary Fisher Supercalibur Raceday and only have about 50 miles on it. My first impressions are that the rear suspension is nice and firm even without being locked out. It absorbs bumps as needed but I do not notice any pedal bobbing when out of the saddle or going up hill.

I will post more late when I have more miles on the bike. You may want to look at them.
Overall Fit...

I'm not one to talk, since I did the same thing. Most people go out and ask "what bike to buy...racer-x, epic, fuel, blur xc, etc.?" I know when I was shopping last year I was stuck between a turner flux (horst version) and a racer x. I was on an Epic and did enjoy the ride. Definitely efficient and generally a hardtail like ride. One complaint I had about the ride was how the shock would activate when climbing, and then cause a bit of pedal bob until it closed back up. That's probably the only disadvantage to that shock. I used to have a Kona Kikapu Deluxe but it just wasn't my thing. But I was never pleased with the Epic's standover, and I was stuck between sizes (S and M, and I'm 5' 6"). I ended up w/ a M to get the right top tube length, and now have minimal standover. It never proved to be a problem, but I just wanted a little more "breathing room" if you catch my drift.

I had pretty much narrowed my sights on the flux and the racer-x. When I asked the Turner forum, it was the flux, and when I asked the Titus forum, it was the racer-x, obviously. I had a chance to try both. Both were setup similarly, but something about the racer-x felt a bit better. The shop w/ the racer-x was also more friendly and willing to swap some parts around so I could try them out (for example, stem lengths). That really gave me a good idea as to what would fit right. From the beginning, I thought the racer-x would be better due to the geometry charts on their website. It gave me a good length for the top tube, and a good amount of standover.

In the end, as many people here have said, all those bikes are great bikes. People will often want to suggest the bike they're riding. If the bike fits you, it'll probably ride well. That's probably the most important thing. Find it and TEST RIDE IT! Good luck. Just to answer your question on what I'm riding, it's an 05 Racer X 100 Small, weighing in at 24.73 lbs w/o anything superlight. All rideable, and lovin' it.
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Another one to consider that is also a great value for the $ is the Iron Horse Azure

3.5" rear travel
DW link suspension system= incredible pedaling performance w/o sacrficing supple ride

Slightly heavier than a SC Blur XC, Anthem or Titus Racer X but plenty light and stout enough for aggressive XC-enduro.

I've been on the precursor bike (2004 Hollowpoint) and cannot rave enough about how well it climbs and pedals, not to mention downhills.

Significantly lower price than some of the others you've listed (depending on which component spec you go with)
*Note that the 2005 models which are on closeout now actually were built with the 2006 frameset+2005 components because there was a delay in frame development. So the 2005 models have the exact same frame as the 2006s
First, the engine matters far more than the bike (obviously). But that being said, a fast bike goes a long ways to helping the engine feel fast.

I have a Turner Nitrous that I absolutely love. It was very easy to build to 23 pounds without upsetting my wife too much. It's very stiff and just feels fast. I rode a Trek Fuel before, and the Nitrous is definitely a step or two up. The Fuel was a good bike, but the Nitrous is lighter, stiffer, feels faster and I'm riding faster. Maybe it's just the sweet gold anodized finish.

On a tangent, I've had two Manitou forks that I've been very happy with (including an R7 Platinum this year, which I love). I have a friend who had to send two Fox forks back for maintenance (one of them went back twice in rapid succession), and another friend that couldn't make a Sid work to save his life. That's not to say that Fox or Rock Shox can't build decent forks, but you'll hear horror stories about every single model of fork out there. I think the bottom line is that all of them are pretty good and will usually serve you pretty well. Every company makes mistakes with individual forks, but that doesn't mean every fork from that brand is bad.
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Racer-X 29er. Wicked fast.
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