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On my 1FG, cruising around flatish trails and on the bitumen to work etc I run 33-15, quite a tall gear, but I am used to low cadence.

I was going to put a 17 cog on the back, but heard the course was quite fast. I got a 4th out of 22, (was coming in the last half of the field last season on my geared bike) so felt I did pretty well. It was super hard work crankin a tall gear but was abviously quite fast. Alot of the small pinch climbs were a breeze using my fast momentum, the longer pinch climbs were doable. From the small 5km course, about three climbs I had to get of and push. I think pushing up some of the hills on a SS is normal??

In the top 4 of the race, 3 of us were on SS, the rest of the field were on geared bikes, don't figure...

Do your race gears change from normal? Is it faster to end pushing your SS up some of the hills in a race? Thoughts?
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