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What PSI for RP23 on a Heckler?

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Just got an '09 Heckler, (friggin' sweat ride!) am curious as to the PSI you guys/gals run for an RP23. Have heard 15-20 LBS under weight and a few other recomendations, but would like to hear it from some other sources. I ran it at a shade under 160 yesterday and it felt pretty good, but bottomed out on a table-top. My riding weight is 180. Thanks all.
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The pressure I run is about 10-15psi under my weight (ride weight with camelback).

You may find on the heckler in order to avoid bottom out that you have to run a bit higher pressure. There are a couple of issues with the falling rate suspension to deal with. Gobbling up travel and wallowing in the mid travel are pretty well documented here on the boards. With current coil shock you can usually get pretty darn good tuning with the stock shock. However with an air shock the issues seem to be amplified. I highly recommend putting a bit of money into getting that RP23 tuned for the bike and your weight. I had Push tune my RP3 for my 2007 heckler. It rides much better now, no dive or wallow, I can run it more comfortable for trail yet it still doesn't bottom out on bigger hits. It isn't cheap, but I do think if you are riding a heckler with an air shock it is worth doing :)
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thanks...i am going to look into getting tuned after some more tinkering.
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