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Well, I've almost totally destroyed my brake pads, so its time to change them.


I have no idea what the exact brake is - came stock on my RM Etsx-30 (07) - I know its shimano deore, but no idea which model number.
Im told its the 535, but im not sure about that.

The problem comes in that when I check my usual sources of components (wiggle and chainreaction), the pads numbered dont include the 535....
They have pads for 555/556, or for 475/495/515/525 model versions. I dont really wanna remove the current pads until I have the new ones (as theyre not 100% spent) - it seems too much hassle to remove and replace them, at the same time, I dont want to order the wrong ones and potentially be unable to ride till its sorted (right now I can ride the ones I have, but they wont last much longer).

Can anyone help me out with this?

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Here you go....

Universal Cycles has them clearly listed. The pads you need are the last two listed, either resin or metalic. That's the only beef I have with Shimano disc brakes. Seems like every model they make uses a different pad. Not really so, but they do have more different pad configurations out than just about anybody else.

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