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i started to ride solo so ive been listing to my i-pod. mostly i put on techno, essential mix's done by various artists or some badboy bill. once in a while i throw some r.a.t.m. or static-x. when those are on everyone better get the fcuk out of the way.

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An iPod w/9000+ songs from Alternative to Zydeco. Lots of Reggae, Dub, Rock, R & B, Jazz..... Sort in order of song title and go A-Z. I started about a year and a half ago and now just 26 songs from the end. Here is the last songs.......

Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted Nate Dogg Hip Hop/Rap
Your World And Mine Luciano Reggae
Your're All I Need To Get By Marvin Gaye R&B
Yours Is No Disgrace Yes Rock
Youth Black Uhuru Reggae
Youth Explosion People Under The Stairs Hip Hop/Rap
Youth Of Eglington Black Uhuru Soundtrack
Youths Of Today Yvad Reggae
Yuh Dead Now Tiger Reggae
Yush (Dub Master) Michael Rose Reggae
Z.Z.'s Song Joe Satriani Rock
Zaar Peter Gabriel Rock
Zephyr Benedetti & Svoboda New Age
The Zephyr Song Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock
Zeplike Slightly Stoopid Rock
Zero to Sixty in Five Pablo Cruise Rock
Zicky's Song Pepper Reggae
Ziggy Stardust David Bowie Rock
Zimbabwe Dean Fraser Reggae
Zion Aswad Reggae
Zion In A Vision Garnett Silk Reggae
Zion Train Bob Marley Reggae
Zippa De Do Da Various Artists Reggae
Zoom Commodores R&B
Zorba The Greek Herb Alpert & T.J. Brass Jazz
Zungguzungguguzungguzeng Yellowman Reggae

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i find upbeat techno to be the best for twisty single tracky stuff. its fun to try and ride to the beat, it gives you a good rhythm and sometimes you go faster :thumbsup:

for climbing and such, classic rock works nicely. AC/DC and aerosmith come to mind

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Like some of the others I listen to the music of the great outdoors. For me that is part of the joy of being on the mountain bike. The wind, the grinding of the tires on the dirt, the tweety birds tweeting away, the rustle of the leaves in the trees. All music to my ears. That is what I enjoy, of course you are entitled to listen to whatever pleases you. In the end it is all about being on the bike.

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I only...

listen to music on trails that I am very comfortable riding on.....ridden more than twice and even then i don't cover my ears with the music so I can ummmm hear the trail still. I do have a specific playlist though....3 doors down, 50 Cent, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Audioslave, black sabbath, bush, creed, cypress hill, disturbed, drowning pool, eagles, godsmack, incubus, kazzer, korn, marilyn manson, nelly, nickleback, the offspring, powerman 5000, puddle of mudd, ram jam, Saliva, Shinedown, Staind, Tool, and UPO about 9 hours of music.
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