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What materials do I use???

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Hi, Iam a newbie at building led bike lights and I need some help with what materials should I use for my build. I need most of the help on deciding what led's, drivers and lenses. The rest I can figure out myself. (I found out that Iam very gifted with a soldering iron):ihih: What I would like out of my build is a 2-3hr battery life, 500-200 lumen output. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :) Right now my set up is a Cygolite Rover II and a Topeak whitelite HP AA on the handlebars. I like it but I really need more light IMO. :madman: Sooo what do you guys have for me???
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losimaster117 said:
What I would like out of my build is................500-200 lumen output.
Do you mean 500 -2000? 200 lumens is not very XR-E Q5 led will give you 200+

I would browse through this forum for a while and find some lights you like, then we can give you some more specific pointers. Look for any thread with "XP-G" in the title. The Cree XP-G is the latest and greatest led right now...output well over 300 lumens per LED at max current, and very efficient. There's a long thread about optics XP-G optics as well.

As for drivers, look at the pre-wired BuckPuck or Recom drivers if you want to keep it simple, or the TaskLED drivers if you want all the bells and whistles. is your best source right now for all of the above.

Oops your right, what I meant was 500-2,000 lumens. I think I will use the XP-G led for my build. So Thank You. Iam also thinking of replacing the led's on my rover II to a led with a 20 mm star. My only concern is if the driver in the light will not be able to handle the new led.:???: Iam thinking of using a Cree XLamp MCE-WG-K0. Will it work??? I hate the seoul p-4 led that cygolite uses it WAY TOO blue imo.
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