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I have the XTR disc brakes with the dual control shifter/lever combo. I'm thinking of going back to the trigger shifters, but what options do I have for lightweight levers? Is there a reasonably economical option, or should I just sell the whole system and buy Magura Martas or B4SL's or something else? What options are people running with these?

On a separate note, I can't seem to get the same feel with the rear lever as I do with the front - the front is very stiff, and even after bleeding the rear, it isn't near as stiff (better than before, but not like the front). Is this normal for the XTR caliper/brake setups?

Thanks for any and all help.

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My XTR's feel the same way but I dont notice it when riding.
You can use hope mini levers I think. Dont quote me on that. Or was it a magura set? Which lets you use the mineral oil will work.

I was thinking of getting goodridge lines and hopefully itll get rid of that uneven feel in the levers. I tried something that hayes users do to stiffen up lever feel but it didnt work on the XTR's :(

After using my dual controls I dont want to go back to trigger shifters. I rode my friends bike with his trigger shifters and I found myself trying to press down on his brake levers too much. Plus my thumb gets sore after a while riding so the DC's let me ride longer, though I should find out why my thumb is feeling sore after a while on the bike.
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