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what light are you using for MTBing

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anything do dont like about it?

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nauc said:
anything do dont like about it?

The sun and yea it goes out every day around 4 :madman:
Lupine Wilma and Dinotte 400, that way the sun is out whenever you want.
Dinotte 200L on the helmet
Exposure Toro on the bars.

I just won the Toro from a contest here, and I only have a few rides on it. It is very bright, seems to be great for the way I ride. I just don't have enough time on it yet for a proper review. I have no complaints on the Dinotte lights and would recommend them to just about anyone. I like that they run with rechargeable AAs. I would like a little more flood, but some of their other models are available with different lens options.
2 3W LED lights on the bars (directed a bit differently, so one of them works as a spot, the other as a flood) + 1W "miner's light" on my head. Works well for me, though I'd like a stronger spotlight for fast descents. Very cheap, as compared to more powerful lighting systems.
Turbocat S-47 on the bars
Turbocat TG-10 on the helmet

Problems: they don't do my laundry.
A couple of types depending on where I'm riding:-

1. Magicshine on the bars combined with homebuilt R2 x Leds as helmet light.

2. Magicshine on the bars combined with homebuilt XPG x 3 Leds as helmet light.

3. Magicshine on the bars combined with Magicshine on the helmet.

4. XPG x 3 Leds on the bars combined with R2 x Leds as helmet light.

Still building another light for bars; similar to M/shine.

What don't I like? The time taken to build them.
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Several sets of DIY LEDs. Light output is great, cost to performance ratio is great.

Not so great: My DIY battery packs are sucky bodge jobs.
pulser said:
The sun and yea it goes out every day around 4 :madman:
I agree
there needs to be some new legislation!
Just got Niterider Pro 600 Havent used it yet but the quality seems great. Cons--nice lights are pricey like all nice cycling gear.
exposure maxxD and joystick combo. pretty sweet but i may get rid of the joystick in favor of the diablo.

I'm very happy with Niterider Minewt lights. I have the single which is plenty for me. They also have a double if you want more light.
CygoliteTriden X on hanelbars, and NiteFlux's newest adition, Enduro 12 Single housing 3 Cree XPG emiters claiming 1000 lumens. Haven't heard true lux measurnments on either,however road with a buddy with the Nite Rider 600 pro and i was a fair bit brighter.Don't know what emitters are in the Cygolite X but would like to mabey switch with the Cree EPG's as well if there not already in there?
MagicShine on the helmet. That's all I need. Those lights are BRIGHT and they won't break the bank. Check out the "Light and Nite Riding" forum lots of threads.....
Jet lite here...not the brightest especially with all the LED new stuff out there, but it's been a great light.
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