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What kind of improvement with sd7 levers?

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I just added some bb7's(185f/160r) to my monocog and I have noticed an improvement in braking. However, although I can now brake more comfortably with one finger on most stuff, I still need 2 fingers for hard braking or for steep stuff. I am using the stock tektro levers and some generic cables/housings, but what kind of improvement could I see if I upgraded to sd7 levers? Would I see stronger one-finger braking? thanks.
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Yes. Your Tektros are flexy. The SD7's have a stiffer body, better guts, and a stiffer lever. That in itself is going to make a good improvement. Add in the speed dial for leverage adjustment..........go for it. You'll like them. Just remember to leave them a little loose on the bars (tight enough to stay put when you're riding, but loose enough to rotate on the bars in a crash, rather than snapping a lever off).
And with compressionless housing (like the FMJ) you get one-finger-braking even at the steepest downhill sections.
i've been wondering if the generic cable housings are causing the poor brake performance. With the housing being so short going to the front brake, I am thinking the upgrade in performance from compressionless housings might not be as significant as a lever upgrade. But if the lever upgrade is satisfactory then i might try some new housings. thanks!
Best to do both, levers and good quality cables. Even on the front, there's enough compression to cause a weaker brake response. Not a massive amount, not like you're losing 10% power or anything, but you'll notice it. Do the levers first, though, if you can't afford both at the same time. I've run cheapie generic cables in a pinch, and it's not earth-shattering.
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