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Can anyone tell me what sort of bulb this is, or where I can buy replacements? It came from Smart brand headlight (like It's a 6V dual head lightset, with one 2.4W and one 10W bulb. They both look like the bulb pictured.

I want to find out how much replacements cost and what their rated life is, as I'm making up a new battery pack for the light and am unsure if overvolting to 7.2v will be economical.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: seem to sell it... 5 pounds though, ouch!

Edit again: Of course it's only after posting that my google searches turn up something. found me the globe type (GH90 - 2.4W, GH15 - 6W and GH24- 10W). They also sell them for 4 pounds, not so bad I guess. Pity I still don't know how many hours they are rated for :|.
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