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what is your favorite shop in Missoula?

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So who is your favorite? And why?
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There is only one choice -

Big Sky

...the others don't come close and oddly enough, don't seem to want to try?

It is an odd thing, but I have been in Montana for 15 years or so and I am no longer surprised by this. It drives me nuts, nearly every time I leave the house, but it does not catch me off guard anymore.

Recently I had the owner of Open Road tell me, "Nobody in Montana would ask for that.". Quite rudely, mind you.

I had asked for an Avid Flak Jacket Kit. (I wanted to re-route some cables on a Bike that had an Avid kit installed and the ferrule ends are size specific.)

Seriously...I almost punched him.

His shop is IN MONTANA.
I just asked for THAT.

He might as well have said, "You don't Exist.".

What a moron. I kindly informed him that his attitude was the reason I waited to try his shop until I had exhausted ALL other possibilities. Seriously, I even went out to the REI on Reserve St. because I have seen those kits there in the past...

Then I left his shop, fuming, and returned to Big Sky - where I vented about my Open Road Experience.

Chris gave me a bottle of Cold Water and hooked me up with all new 5mm Housings, New Cables and Ends and I dropped another $50-$60.00 on asst'd parts (XO Grip Shifters!) and I went home.

I will never go anywhere else in Missoula again.
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I'd always go to Big Sky. The service was always great and it gave me no reason to go elsewhere.
I use three shops:

REI- tubes, chains and other dead obvious things (dividend)

Bike Doctor- always been great to work with, the shop is 2 minutes from my house, I have them do things I don't have tools to do

The Path- I call them for any esoteric requests and have B mail it

I have patronized Big Sky, Open Road, and Missoula Cycles Works for odd things I wanted to get immediately (17mm cone wrench, tires, gloves), and had fine experiences with each. Nothing exceptional, but nothing objectionable, either.
Bike Doctor. You can still get an REI dividend if you use your REI credit card to buy stuff at other shops.
I am a big sky fan. i don't think any other shop comes close in terms of customer support and service.
Big Sky without a doubt. I talk with Chris at the new shop. I miss Jason though. He was always great to deal with.
Check out Hellgate Cyclery if you have not had a chance to yet. Great guys and right downtown.
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