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what is the price market for an 04' heckler?

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I am looking into buying this bike 04' heckler. Its in good shape with king head set. its got the 5th element coil. How much should this items be?... any sugestions would be great. .. thanks
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Heckler Price

I would probably pay around 600-ish for a clean 04 Heckler. Ive got an 03 that I paid 1400 for, with the fork, CK head set, Thompson seat post and stem, monkey light bars and a shock pump. I have had the bike for 2 years and love it.
Check eBay

Do a search on eBay for "completed listings" and you can see what they've sold for in the past. You only have the option to search for completed listings if you're signed in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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