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Hello and welcome! I was wondering if any one would care to share a little, the background and history of the Ellsworth Specialist, perhaps give us some insight into the thought process that went into developing this amazing little character.

When I first rode this bike I was a bit weirded out by the seemingly illogical geometry, it's characteristic high bottom bracket, lanky top tube, slack head angle and it's weightlessness, but now having a good couple of years to really get to know it, I can honestly say that it is the most fun, most precise and most excellent bike I have ever ridden. It is so perfectly balanced and so incredibly stiff and responsive, it does exactly what I ask it to with no questions asked. I almost like it more than my Dare!

I cant think of many other frames that can be ridden as a trials bike, a dirt jumper, street trickster, road bike, freeride beast, bsx nut job, cross country champ and downhill sled. Maybe this was what the french were imagining when they coined the phrase VTT, "All terrain bicycle".

So what were Ellsworth thinking when they decided to sketch this one out on the drawing board? Did they have all these uses in mind? Given that it is so widely imitated now in the guise of the "hard core hardtail" did Ellsworth have such lofty aspirations in mind? Who in the riding community gets consulted about it's design and what have they had to say to influence it's development?

And what does the future hold for the Specialist? Personally I would like to see a full suspension version that could be raced on the more extreme bsx tracks and jumped down double 10 stair sets, tasks that seem a bit unfitting for the Dare. So give it up! Tell us everything, what do you know?
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