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I'm planning on buying spare brake pads for my '09 GF Tassajara with Shimano M486, hydraulic disc, 160mm CenterLock rotors and the stock pads are Shimano resin B01S. There is a 1st version, as well as a 2nd version. Can someone please tell me what the differences are between the two?

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After googling a lot and coming to this thread several times, I thought I would share my findings.

I found a preview of shimano performance parts catalogue 2011 (Cant post the link due to my low post count)

It says:
Same pad but differently sized split pin

Y8ES98030* BR-M575, BR-M495, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M44

Y8FH98030 BR-C501, BR-M525, BR-M495, BR-M475, BR-M465, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M415

* also available in workshop package (see page 34)
So, from that, I figure that if you dont need the pin, you can get the cheaper model. It appears that the pin costs a lot :) there is about $8 difference between v1 and v2

If I am not mistaken:
Pin for v1 Y8DB06000
Pin for v2 Y8C505000

Pins can be bought from eBay as far as I can see, 10 of them cost ~$10
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