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I would fine him just for the taste of it, ahhhhhh.

BW is pretty sick, Chris, Braaaaaad, Ian, Cody, d3enise, and who ever else was involved for the last year or more have really outdone themselves...

I took my Rocky up there this weekend to try and ride everything clean again and ahhh well a different bike meant different courage levels. I think that the trails need a little love (burms and stuff blowin’ out) but damn that is a *****in’ ride and very difficult. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to play, but I don't want it to go MOMMY!

What is the deal: Can we alleviate the problem by pulling the lumber. In hindsight I really don't see why they (you who built the thing) needed the lumber. The natural ons are really well done.

Anyway I hope that the solution is easier than the forest service going in and removing the logs...I sure hope Chris doesn't end up in jail...

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Setting the Record Straight

Chris has been verbally fined:rolleyes: Whatever that means. The trail has been classified as illegal by the forest service, even though it was put on the preliminary trail maps, same as eastside and others. I don't really know what verbage the USFS has used in classifying this trail but apparently they don't like it, so we are supposed to tear it out.

As far as the structures are concerned, they were built to make the log rides more safe, which in my opinion makes it a better trail for everyone interested in riding it, unlike some of the other really shoddy work that's been left to rot up there. Also, the stunt work is small and looks better than some huge holes we would have had to dig in order to make natural ramps. We didn't want to leave these logs out of the trail, there is 7 total a$$-kicking log rides on this trail, so we used some lumber to keep the features. They are built in good taste IMHO.

We used the "legal" method of building trail. We were under the assumption that everything we were doing was on the up and up. So when we got done building the last feature I get told that we "have to remove the trail and take it back to its natural state." I can't begin to describe my frustration at how this is ending up. We got eff'ed in my opinion. Even when we tried it the right way this place is still not ready for progressive trails. Big Wood is spectacular, if it wasn't illegal to dig up there I would fix some of the blow outs and reinforce areas of the trail that have shown weakness, only through being ridden can the trail show us where it needs work.

Funny thing is that BIG WOOD would have been the best maintained trail in the region, its already proven itself to be the most resistant to erosion. Other trails in the area were showing ruts and other problems associated with heavy rains this spring, but NOT Big Wood. It has too many grade changes to be a problem.

So if you read all this you get a fuzzy picture of what's gone on up there. Bogus is offering some property for us to build some trails on but we're having a difficult time trying to get a meeting together on it. I don't know what section of property they are talking about but its small. I don't understand why those seeking technical trails are being stuffed into a corner as far as trails are concerned. By the time this place gets it together I'm going to be too old to want to give a sh!t anymore. I guess Brad got it right, He LEFT!!!

Oh, and Tamarack ain't all that. Its fun but there's not much in the way of technical riding and the berms and jumps get old after a day of it. I'm not bagging on Tamarack just to be a d!ck. Only to point out that the local stuff had the potential to be better and its not 2 hours away to get there. If people would get it together and show some cohesion, we might be able to get something done locally. I've put in my time, please put in yours. I don't do all of it for selfish reasons;) I really want to enjoy all this area has to offer and the foothills don't do it for all of us. We've had this battle before but I can tell you with honesty that more and more people are buying bikes to suit this terrain and want to use em. Pedalling them uphill even!!!!!

Cheers Y'all and start giving a Sh!t.

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And another thing..........

Here's a template if your feeling frisky

To whom it may concern,

As a concerned cyclist who resides in the Treasure Valley I feel it is my duty to write to you with opinions on the proposed Shafer Butte Trail system just north of Boise, ID. First and foremost, I completely support the implementation of all trails in the Shafer Butte vicinity to the Shafer Butte Trail System.

In addition to the existing trails, I also support the inclusion of Big Wood into the trail system. I believe this trail should remain in the original trail plan for the following reasons:

The trail is resistant to soil erosion by design.
The trail is the most sustainable trail in the trail system.
The trail is well constructed using proven IMBA trail design techniques.
The trail has the potential to be the most well maintained of all the trails in the area.
The trail provides a challenge to well experienced riders in a sustainable format.
With proper signage the trail can coexist with the other trails in the area without conflict.

Base on these criteria I believe Big Wood can and should remain as part of the Shafer Butte trail system and not be closed to riders.


Concerned Rider

Send it to:
District Ranger
Mountain Home Ranger District
2180 American Legion Blvd.
Mountain Home, ID 83647

Or phone #
(208) 587-7961

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ian..what's the difference

in the forest service people here and the forest service people in Washington state, for example.

by difference, i mean with their approach to "governing" trails? and allowing and disallowing certain things. particularly the more technical....or as their most likely thinking...dangerous...are they liable for what they allow?

aren't they all federal employees...working under some federal guidelines?

guess what i'm getting at is: why are techincal trails with obstacles allowed on certain public lands in other states...but not in idaho.

where's the opposition coming from....or is it just idaho protacol? big wood legal to ride at this time?


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Thanks you guys who show passion for the progression of the local riding. I can't fathom how frustrating it must be to have labored for what must've been months on creating BW to see it "sanitized" by the USFS. Thanks for the template, I'll definitely send a letter since I would like to see more of this kind of riding available locally.

The question posed about why some federal lands can include these kinds of structures and not Idaho appears to be critical in navigating the legal system. Does anyone have contacts or know how to contact these folks in WA/OR/wherever to find out how we can duplicate the successful processes? I'll check with my friend in OR who has had a lot of similar construction to ride.

Fight the Power~

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WOW, just when we seem to be making headway! :madman: It's like we are destined to stay in the dark ages as far as mtn biking goes. Perhaps they should ban all bikes with suspension from trails in the Foothills.(but wait why stop there lets try for all of Idaho) We could smooth the trails all out with concrete and pay some poor smuck to keep them swept off and free of any debris. Oh wait we already have that!! I believe its called the greenbelt. Well I guess two bikes are in order one for trails in Idaho, and one for trails outside of Idaho. Thank god for trails that don't exist ;) Not that I know anything about them......but I did read a book about some the other day!

I will certainly be sending out a letter voicing my thoughts to the District Ranger.

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meet me at the flagpole

cleatus dasturdlee said:
Hey Smelly Cock,thanks for "snitching to the internet" on Boise's local trails.Please do all the mtb rider's and SELL YOUR BIKE AND WIPE THAT STUPID SMILE OFF YOUR FACE.
Hey cleatus

I'll wipe that smile off your face and while at it make sure I glue your eyes shut via the spackle technique.

the ding :madmax:

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I'll guess that Smilycook forgot to read the USFS manual. Having seen him not know the difference between rubble and rip-rap makes me wonder if he forgot to read the IMBA manual to. When dealing with The Man it is best to tell the man you are going to stick it to him before you actually stick it to him.

Don't forget to write to the beauracrats in Mountain Home. A letter to the Statesman wouldn't hurt either. I'm sure the USFS would love some us v. them publicity, especially after the recent MTB at Shafer Butte article. Nothing wrong with stirring to pot.

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By the way where is Big Wood? Is it off East Side, I haven't been up there in a long time, went up this weekend and notice alot of changes. East Side now is marked, and as we desended and eventully got to that left turn (still Eastside?), took that way down, and made another left and came the the junction where the giant log ride is we notice the post and sign saying private property and to turn around, what happened here? :confused:
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