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OK, I have a Stinky Supreme that is a little too DH focused for me, and I'm thinking about getting a Demo 7 when they come out. If I sell my Stinky Supreme, how much do you think it is worth? I have no idea because I built it piece by piece. It is spec'd probably equivalent to the stock Stinky Supreme, which went for $3,999. Here's the Spec.

2005 Stinky Supreme frame with DHX 5.0 and Floating Brake
2005 888RC with Risse Flat Crowns
Magura Gustav M Brakes with 210mm rotors front and rear
Holzfeller Cranks
Mallet Pedals
Modified Boxguide Chainguide (modified it to fit)
Intense Mag 30 Wheelset (150 x 12mm rear)
Maxxis Mobster 2.5 F & R
FSA Bars
ODI Grips
LX rear der.

It's in great shape, has some scratches on the frame but nothing beyond cosmetic. Help me out. I'm not sure how much the top end Demo 7 will be, but I want one and have no clue what my bike is worth, but would like to get on my way to the Demo.

I railed it like Kong
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It's only worth what people are willing to pay for it. See Ebay. But i would bet you'll get a buyer in the mid to low $2000 range. Sounds like a great build.

I'll start the first offer at $200 and you pay shipping. LOL

Good luck on the sale
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