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According to this site, if you are not a XC Racer or a DH/FR'er, you must be All Mountain!!!!

I think we need a Trail forum or just a "Riding your bike on the dirt" forum. Either that or they need to rename the AM forum to Part of the Mountain.


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AM is a relatively new class of racing.. AM usually associated with super D racers or races where a rider must use one bike for both the XC race and DH race...

Basically if you don't don't belong here! AM is reserve for the elites, we AM'ers do it all!

So those of you who do not fit this category should shoo off to the general discussion forums.

:p I hope everyone knows every thing I just said was total bollocks

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the AM section is basically a "light downhill" forum...

If you look at most manufacturers.. a typical AM bike has at least 6 inches of travel.

While AM is a good name in theory, bike manufacturers have basically dictated what kind of bike it is...

The AM forum should simply be renamed to something more non specific that conveys off road riding that isnt racing, but also not limited to a bike manufacturers theory of what type of bike I should have.

"Trail Riding"

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According to Wikipedia:

Am or am may refer to:

* Americium, a chemical element with symbol Am
* Attometre (am), a unit of length (equal to 10−18 m)
* A minor (Am), a minor chord in music
* Americas (as in Pan-Am and Trans-Am)
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* .am, the top-level domain for Armenia
* `Am, Hebrew for "people, nation"

AM as an acronym:

* Master of Arts (postgraduate), (Artium Magister) alternative abbreviation for a Master's degree in Arts
* Assembly Member (disambiguation)
* Arthur-Merlin protocol, an interactive proof system in computational complexity theory
* AM (complexity), a complexity class based on an Arthur-Merlin protocol
* Automated Mathematician, an artificial intelligence program
* Order of Australia member (postnominal)
* Accelerated Math in the US or Accelerated Maths in the UK
* Against Me!, a punk band sometimes referred to as AM.

In engineering

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fan of maple syrup
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Every time someone starts another "What is AM?" type thread, God kills a dog that gets carried around in a purse/handbag, or a Pomeranian (at His discretion).

Now .... will the frequency of these threads increase, or decrease? Hmmmmm

Hint: increase = good

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nuclear_powered said:
Every time someone starts another "What is AM?" type thread, God kills a dog that gets carried around in a purse/handbag, or a Pomeranian (at His discretion).

Now .... will the frequency of these threads increase, or decrease? Hmmmmm

Hint: increase = good
Increase! Increase! Please increase!
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