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What Hubs are on 2008 7 Point?

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Bought an 08 7 Point from RS. It has no name hubs with Sun S-Type rims on it.

Anyone have any idea what hubs these are? Anyone have any problem with these?

How well do the Sun S-Type rims hold up? They aren't listed in the review section here.

The hubs that came on my 06 7 Point 5 were also no name hubs, but they were identical to Azonic Outlaws. Decent hubs, but really poor quality wheel bearings in them. $20 of bearings and they were vastly better.

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i don't know what the hubs are on the 7 point but i had the same experience with my 06 Kumicho. Hub bearings were serious crap in the no name hubs. Replaced them and they're good so far though.

No longer sounds like my rear wheel is playing jingle bells as I go through rocks.
The Hubs on the 08' 7 Point are King Kong Hubs.
S-types are decent rims, same as mtx's I believe. I've got some on my 7point and have been abusing them for over half a year with no issues.
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