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What hub to ride rigid?

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ok,I pulled the trigger on a Karate Monkey.(hope my wife doesn't read this)What is a good hub to run rigid? I need something that won't break the bank and will be strong enough.I don't want a hub that costs more than the frame did like a King ect..I was thinking about a Atom Lab.
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don't discount shimano hubs. While not light they are rebuiltable and strong IMO. I have used XT hubs for years on non bling wheels and aside from the occasional adjustment have be pretty near indestructible. Generally the price also includes the QR which many other hubs do not include.
I bought a set of Surly disc hubs for my KM. They're not that light, or fancy, but they are good quality, roll good, and are strong as anything else I would imagine. They also won't break the bank. IMO they compliment the KM well.
Another vote for the Surly hubs. I've been running 'em for years, and have yet to kill one.
I like Shimano. Deore/LX/XT are all affordable and pretty tough. My KM is built up with XT and they have been fine. A plus with using Shimano rear hubs is the option of SS or gears; and if you go SS you can use the narrow, cheap cogs and not damage the cassette body.
I've run Surly hubs in the past.The problem I had was with the rear hub always loosening up.I don't remember having problems with the front.I have a set of 28 hole WTB Laser Lite wheels at the moment.I'm not to sure about running these rigid when I weigh 230+.
I'm rocking the Paul FDisk hub. I prefer bolt on hubs as opposed to QR hubs on 29ers.
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