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What has marzocchi done for 09 QC wise?

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Been in the market for a new fork, and considering the lyric u-turn because the 08 zoke 55s had such horrible reviews. But the new 09 55 ata looks good and at a good price. I'm definitely not being a guinea pig for zoke, but would love to know if they can admit what the issues were in 08, and how they planned to remediate them for the 09 line and/or what QC differences they incorporated to improve quality (if this is just taking the same apparent broken functionality from 08 and throwing into new forks with new colors then forget about it).

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They have admitted there were issues (manufacturing or otherwise) and the good news is the overall lineup has not changed that much - allowing them to focus on the reliability issues instead of having to do reliability AND new product.

Unfortuantely, I do not wanna be a guinea pig either, so for 09 I will be using Fox product. If towards the end of 09 things look good I can consider switching back then.
Me too.

Ordered a u-turn Lyrik last weekend!

A bit more weight, but loads of adjustments, high reliability from reviewers in general and a really damn good price.

It was that of the 55ATA, i love Marzocchi, but too many bad reports from the past few years!
I hear you...I know there's tons of bad reports (and people claim its just as many as from other companies...seems like tons of zokes though), which is why I was curious if anyone knew if the vendor made changes, or acknowledges what went wrong and the fixes going forward. Tried to find vendor reports/admissions as 007 pointed out but couldn't (not related to the technology like eta, ata, etc but moreso issues with X were due to Y). Good point on them at least not trying new stuff...anyone using the 2009 44/55/66 I'd be super curious to hear reports.
FWIW, I have an 08 55 ATA. After a few months I had a problem with the TST micro cartidge getting hydro locked. Tom (MTD) was good enough to send me a new TST cartridge that had a redesigned endcap. Problem fixed. About a month ago my ATA cartridge O rings failed, I called up Marz send it back and they replaced the ATA with an 09 cartridge. Also replace the lowers as I had some stiction issues.

I had my fork back within about 10 days, all covered under warranty. Obviously I would have liked to have the fork been bulletproof from day 1 but Marz backed it up with great service. Fork feels great now. I looked around at comparable forks from Fox, RS and Magura and for every rave there is someone with a problem as well.
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