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what front tire with High Roller (xc) in back?

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I run Mavic 819's. I've found I really like the Maxxis High Roller UST 2.1 on the rear wheel. It's ideal for dry xc/trails here in Colorado (lots of loose-over-hardpack in the Front Range).

I'm trying to figure out what tire to run up front. I want a high-volume, light-ish UST tire (yeah, I know "light" UST's are still around 600g). I know the High Roller isn't rear-specific, but I think it's a bit skinny for the front. It's also heavy, and the profile isn't very round. I was thinking about using a Specialized Adrenaline (even in 2.0 it's nice and fat, round, slightly knobby -now I think it's called Roll-X?), but it's pretty heavy too. I ran one of those for a while and I really liked it, but it was a non-UST -which worked fine with my tubless rims, until I tore the sidewall on a rock.
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The Adrenaline (now Resolution) would be a good choice.
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