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im looking to change my 01 Foes DhMono frame for a lighter and more "all around" frame

im getting tired of the full thruttle dh and something less "race/hardcore" would go with my style

plz let me know what would be sweet with the same set up i have now; (no $$ presently for changes...) 02 boxxer, MRP, 321's/Michelin, FSA BB/Headset, Hayes, EA70 riser...i can get a friends Dorado though)

here are some ideas:
Spec. BigHit with swinger
SC Bullit with 5th and floating
Foes Fly (if a can get one used)

how do they ride/feel and is there anything else worth mentioning?

plz remember i want a sub 38pds pedaling bike and im used to my Foes that rides smooth, plush, bottomless...perfect

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