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Hi there i want to build a new race bike for the coming season but there is so much choice
i've been on a 95 Klien Pulse but im hammering it ss now.

So im thinking Specialized Sworks carbon or Scott Scale 10 is there much diffrence in stiffness and shock damping? It's new to me this wonder material or should i stay with alloy maybe a Yeti Arc or Rocky mountain vertex scandium. Im about 6'2 so need a large always likes the stiff ride of my Klien considering its a big frame. Steel and ti would be to flexy i think but like IF Deluxe.

So as you can see plenty to chose from would be gratful for anybodys ideas and experinces :thumbsup:

Cheers Dan

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I hate to continue to sound like a 29er zealot but if I was a much better racer than what I am and was building new from scratch, I would start with a Salsa Mamacita frame, REBA fork and build as light as I $could from there. Why, I am the same height as you and nothing has fit me as well as a 29er. Plus they give good comfort to start with plus a bit of give in the shaped stays that the Mamacita should have makes it a winner in my book. Not the absolute lightest frame but close enough for Gov't work.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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