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What fork for my One9?

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Okay, I just ordered my XL One9, now I need to pick a fork. My first thought was the Maverick SC32, but I've read/heard a lot about leaks. I like the idea of the thru axle and don't mind buying a dedicated hub. Any input in a 29er Reba for a 220lb'er? WB seam nice but for the price I'd rather do the Maverick.

Thanks for any input.

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Pretty sure the One 9 is designed around a Reba, so that's probably your best bet to keep the sweet handling they'r known for - pretty sure the SC32 has longer a-c and less offset, so that'd slow things down a bit.

A search will bring up lots of positive feedback for the Reba under big fellas - especially Padre, think he's even using his on a tandem at the moment.
flakbait said:
My first thought was the Maverick SC32, but I've read/heard a lot about leaks.
Maverick leaks can be fixed by installing the enduro fork seals kit.

I have a 80mm Reba on my SS and a DUC32 on my FS geared bike.
My two cents:
- Maverick is stiffer (may not apply to the SC32 - never ridden one)
- Maverick suspension action feels better
- Reba suspension action is not bad, just not as good as the Mav.
- Reba is cheaper
- Both forks have a nice lockout/lockdown feature.
go with the Maverick

I have a Maverick SC on my Niner and it is awesome. No problems with leaks at all after several hundred miles. The stiffness of the Maverick over a regular fork is very noticable. The travel adjust on the SC is also very sweet for single speeding.
Never ridden the SC32, but I do have the '06 Reba and it's a great fork for the money. I'm about the same size as you and have had no issues with it. It's smooth once broken in and fairly stiff. The lockout feature is solid when "on" and the whole thing has been hassle free. Tuning tip: run a little LESS pressure than recommended for your weight and it feels better through the stroke.
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