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I'm very close in size to that - 6'2" with 36 inseam and I'm on a XL spot all the way, which would be about the same sizing as a flux.

For me (and also your friend I think) - the issue is not seattube extension, but having a tall enough headtube to get the right drop between the seat and bars.

On my XL - I have one 3/8" spacer to get bars to have maybe only about 1/2" drop from saddle. On a large - add an inch to the spacers needed to get that drop, and consider then not having really any flexibility to move the bars higher, unless of course you like having 2" of spacers :D

I'd consider starting with the seat to bar drop desired (what size headtube on current bike, how many spacers, how high is bb - simple math can get you close to what he'd need on a turner), then look at reach. 24.75 is a long TT, but I still run it with a setback post and 120mm stem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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