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Hi, I wasn't sure whether to post here or in the What Bike to Buy forum. But I'm a beginner for sure.

I live in the desert and want to get a Fat Bike with shiftable gears. Not sure where to start. I'm over 6'4", 265lbs.

Note: When I was a young lad I remember liking smaller frames that I fit into vs. larger frames, because I felt the smaller frames were more stable, lower center of gravity so a better ride, so I'd extend the seat and the handle bars up vs. a very tall frame which seemed less stable. But the smaller frame was still a little bigger, just not as tall as what was usually recommended for me.

All that being said. What's going to fit me in the world of fat bikes?


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I have a buddy that’s 6’-4” and he has a Rocky Mountain Blizzard that he really likes. I believe he usually rides an XXL. If you like smaller frames and downsize to an XL, there will be more options. I’d learn geometry and look at sizes pretty close before you just automatically downsize though. At your height, bar and seat height are usually an issue, and it’s only made worse by downsizing.
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