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What ever happened to...

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So, I've been out of the mountain bike scene for a few years, and I'm just getting back into it. So, I pull out my dusty old bike, and start riding the trails. Then it hit me. What ever happened to bar ends? I remember when almost every bike had them and now I'm the only one! :confused:
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That's a great question; my history is just the same. After buying a bike in '92 and then again in '94, I left the scene in 96 (moved to a place where there trails absolutely sucked). I think at that time, elevated chainstays (on a rigid bike) and biopace chainrings were being laughed out of the industry, bike mags touted all the virtues of front suspension, and Cannondale was peddling its "flying V." Bar ends, of course were everywhere --first costing $40 bucks from Onza and later dropping down to $20 when Trek made them standard issue.

I actually had found bar-ends useful. They let you stretch out on XC rides and also give you something to lean on when standing up and hill-climbing. What's the deal now??? :confused:
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