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When I got my replacement frame I had Titus install an RP3. While I haven't done an A/B comparison to the Fox Float that was in there before (I was off the bike for 4 months), the bike definitely immediately felt perfect.

I've done maybe 60-75 miles of riding on the new frame and suddenly on the last ride it felt really plush, I even felt like I bottomed the shock off a jump. I checked the air pressure and it hadn't changed. This particular ride was one of the rockiest I've done on it, so it may be that it broke in somewhere in there and I just didn't notice it. I'm just curious if anyone else suddenly felt their RP3 get plush. I put another 10 lbs of air in it and it still felt plush though a bit firmer, no more bottoming.

I'm really digging this bike... wow.

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