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I recently bought my first full suspension bike and I'm curious to see what other peoples bikes weigh (Hardtail or Full Sus)

It's a:

Giant AC2 - Large frame (2003)
Rock Shox Psylo XC forks
Race Face XC crank
Giant MPH disc brakes
Shimano XT throughout (apart from deore shifters)
Rigida rims/hubs with Tioga DH 2.1 tyres
Titec bars/stem/seatpost
DMR V12 pedals
Sella Italia SLR Ti saddle

I put the things on the scales yesterday and it weighed in at 32lbs

My giant XTC2 hardtail weighs 26 lbs so I notice a difference, but does 32 lbs sound about right for a 6" travel FR machine ??

What does yours weigh ?? (brief description of bike/parts)


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pimpbot said:
'03 FSR XC
Reba Team fork
assorted parts

27 lbs
What happened to the K2?

As for weights..

Try and

My bike is dead at 24lbs, it is a XTC2, with king wheels, Duke XC u-turn forks, Hayes HFX9 brakes and other mid weight/durable parts.

I have Fox forxs coming for it anytime soon and new brakes after that.. it will weight 23lbs then:)

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that light bikes link is dead for me :/

I don't know what I could do to get the weight of mine down without spending loads and making it weaker ! It is a large size beefy FR frame after all, so I suppose it would be difficult to get it under 28-29lbs anyway - even with Ti parts.

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Specialized Epic
- Crossmax
- XTR Disk
- Extralite stem, post, clamp
- Maxxis 380s
- Easton CNT carbon bars
- road tape
- Cateye computer
- 650c superlite tubes
- SLR Ti saddle
- Fox RLT80 forx

24.1 lbs

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Race NRS: 21lbs 2oz.

Med 02 NRS frame
Stans Olympic rims wheelbuild+Stans goop
03 B4s w/ alum hardware and Stans alum rotor
100% alum or ti bolts
3lb Noleen fork
Alien carbon post, MX5, Next LPs
Ti sqr BB
Twin Ti Eggs

Epic/12-24hr NRS: 23lbs 8oz

Large 03 NRS frame
24h UST rims with ti spokes+Stans goop
Hayes with ti/alum hardware
Fox 100RLT
90% ti or alum bolts
Ti bar, carbon post, Turbines
Alum isis BB
Stainless Eggs

HT 00 Moab do-all:21lbs 8oz

19" 00 Moab frame
517/XTR hubs+100gm tubes
02 Marathon 100mm
90% ti ot alum bolts
carbon bars, 2x9 Turbines
Stainless Egggs

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A work in progress

My 2004 Jekyll 800 Large frame weighs in at 27lbs. I have changed tires, installed Stans, different seat, foam grips, removed the lockout, Egg beaters, new seat post collar without the stupid quick release.

I will be happy somewhere at 25lbs. I can see a different set of tires, carbon bars and post and another wheelset for future mods. I would also like to get a lighter disc cobo. :D

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My Switchblade Talas comes in at 25lbs 6 oz.... still for sale if anyone is interested.

Medium Frame
Fox TALAS RLT fork
Fox TALAS rear shock
MAXM 90mm/7 deg rise stem
MAXM carbon bars & seatpost
Shimano XTR crankset, cassette, front derailer, & chain
SRAM X.O rear derailer and grip shifts
Magura Marta SL brakes
Titus Cycles seat
Chris King ISO disk hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and Stans Olympic rims with yellow rim tape
Salsa stainless skewers
Schwalbe 2.1 Racing Ralph rear, 2.25 Racing Ralph front


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RX-100, Goal:23 lbs.

My goal for my RX-100 build is 23 lbs. I do not have the frame yet but with this build I should be close:

Frame: RX-100, w ti/al bolts and RP-3
Fork : Float 100 RLC, no stickers, bosses
Wheels: DT centerlock hubs, XR 4.1D rims, and 28 Wheelsmith XE-14 spokes, al nips
Seatpost: Alien Al (185 gm)
Stem: F-99 w ti bolts
Bar: Easton Monkeylite SL
Saddle: Fizik Aliante Carbon, no scuff guards
Crank: XTR M-960 with Moonhead rings and ti inner ring bolts, ti pinch bolts
Cassette: XTR 11-32
Chain: KMC X-10
FR Derailleur: XTR with ti/al bolts
R Derailleur: XO
Shifters: XO with al bolts
Brake levrs: XT hydro, shaved with 6 al bolts
Brakes: XTR with ti caliper bolts
Grips: ESI foam
Pedals: Candy Ti
Rubber: depends, Racing Ralph 2.1, sometimes Nokian NBX lite 2.2 on front
Tubes: Eclipse with sealant
Skewers: Generic bolt-on steel

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bhsavery said:
do you race on those tires/tubes?? sounds sketchy

I have S-Works Epic
AC 350 wheels
Nokian NBX lite 2.0

And its around 22.5
I've done two races on them this year (two short track races). The courses were in North Carolina with not too challenging terrain with no problems (placed 3rd in one). Not sure I would use those tubes on extremely rocky terrain, but I have about 450 miles on the tires with no problems. Although, I am about ready to replace the rear tire anytime now.

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I love it...

bike_freak said:
What happened to the K2?
... but I just came to the conclision that it was just too friggin small for me. I kept trying to band-aid it by using crazy long stems and running the saddle all the way back in the rails.

I got a Large FSR-XC and found it is a way better fit. The k2 was definately more nimble and racy, and climbed better, tho. I woulda jumped on another Razorback in Large if I found one at the right price. A great deal on a used FSR frame dropped in my lap, so I took it. I gotta say, the FSR is way more plush, more trailbike. The frame is also a whole pound heavier. Not as flickable or point-and-shoot as the K2.

Right now, I'm building up the Razorback with a short stem for my wife to use. Initial test fittings say it's a bit too long for her even with a crazy short stem, so I dunno how that is going to pan out. I may just end up selling the Razorback all built up.

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Dean build, just completed today. Weigh's in at 24 lbs.

Frame: Dean Steelhead (3.7lbs)
Front Fork: Manitou Skareb Elite (80 mm)
Crankset: Race Face Deus
Brakes: Avid Single Digit 7
Brake Levers: Avid Speed Dial 7
Headsest: FSA Orbit XL-II
Seatpost and Stem: Thompson Elite
Wheels: Mavic Crossmax Enduro
Handlebar: Titec Hellbent
Saddle: WTB Rocket V
Tires: Panaracer XC Pro (front); Panaracer TrailBlaster (back)
Pedals: Tioga Surefoot MXPRO Platform


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LowCel..What's the weight on those Magura XC Pro Disc wheels?

Weight without skewers please if you know.


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Dean Ti Scout 21lbs 7oz.

dave's speedream wheelset
Avid ti v-brakes
moots laid back post
xtr drivetrain complete
Manitou scarab super
Dean ti flatbar
irc searac tires w/stans

Kona King Kikapu 2003 model 24.5lbs.

Stock full xtr/wxtr disc brakes
Fox fork and rear shock
Python airlites w/Stan,s
Maxm mx5 handlebars
Thompson post

I want to get this one lighter, starting with a wheelset based on either King hubs, or maybe Stealth hubs. Not sure just where to go with that. Suggestions??

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just weighed again

23.6 for now will be lighter this summer

Parts list
XT shifter/brake levers, ders and Hubs, Race face Deus cranks, 517 rims with DT double butteds, Duke SL (will be 2001 sid XC in june) EA 50 bar and stem, panaracer fire XC tires, SLR XP, Thompson post, Time pedles (Eggbeaters in june), Avid 7.0 brakes, Frame Salsa Bandito scandium 18 inch
hoping to have the bike under 22.5 after upgrades of tires, pedles, and shocks. if that does not do it then definatly when i switch over to sram 9.0 der and shifters it will be.

suggestions are welcome

Ride and Smile


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