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...about my bike? Or put another way, why is it hard to do a wheelie on my bike?

I bought a Diamondback Overdrive 29er with a 20" frame. I'm 6-2 and have a hard time getting the front wheel off the ground... and it's not because i'm backpeddling :D The front will lift a few inches on it's own when i'm going up a really steep hill in lowest gear, otherwise bunny hops don't seem possible.

I tried a few other bikes (not 29ers) before buying this one and found them esier to pull the front wheel up. I bought this one because it had better components for the price and i thought that a entry level 29er hardtail would would be better over rough terrain that 26" wheels.

Do you think this means my bike does not fit me right?

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try a shorter stem. you'd be surprised how much difference 10mm can make. my lbs loaned me a few different lengths to try out, or you could pick up a cheap one off ebay.

or riser bars could help, if you don't have them.
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