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What do you wear under your riding shorts/pants

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Been rocking just boxers under my riding gear, not the most comfortable thing though. Wondering what every one else wears, no ****:nono:
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I like boxer briefs, I find that they show the girls just enough of what you're packin', although in seventh grade someone told me that they may lower my sperm count. If you're not comfortable riding in boxers you could pick up some compression shorts at any sporting goods store.
pearl izumi ultrasensor. keeps everything in place, little padding from the chamois.
under wear, boxers mostly
ride commando
keep your nuts tucked

That is great advice. I almost always wear lycra/chamois. It protects the boys, and also the chamois helps to protect the pudendal nerves. I like to feel my johnson (ya know!), and I'd like to continue to have erections for many years after I am done riding a bike.

The rest of you boxer/brief dudes are just nuts, or ignorant.
You should never do anything but commando if you are wearing chammy lined bike shorts. Any layer between you and the chammy is wrecking the whole point of the chammy, which is to reduce friction and increase wicking. Feels weird at first, but totally works.

So, to answer the post, If I'm wearing a pair of DH shorts, Azonic, Royal, Fox or whatever, I have a pair of lycra cycling shorts with a built in Chamois under them. I actually just started wearing bib shorts, and they are so comfy, I'll never go back.
Under the cycling shorts? Nothing but the jewels.
There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, it's breathtaking... I suggest you try it.

I notice chain reaction has some Animal impact shorts on sale for $35.

could these be worn freestyle?
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csermonet said:

I notice chain reaction has some Animal impact shorts on sale for $35.

could these be worn freestyle?
I've been thinking about a pair of these for some of my rides, but I'm not sure what's under them. Do you wear lycra and then the padded shorts? if not, do they have a chamois? my balls want to know these things.
661 d3o shorts

sickest chamois ever! super super comfy, and has nice padding on the hips. Don't notice it riding, stays in place. Stoked
A pair of these:

So much more comfortable with a chamois if you have to do any kind of pedalling (which may happen on a bike from time to time.... ;) ).
im going to get some of the fox titan shorts. built in hip pads and chamois. after two hip checks and a month or so off because of it im going to be using hip pads. Im going to look funny. due to current injuries and wanting to avoid them in the future ill be wearing a wrist gaurd, leatt brace, hip pads, knee/shin, elbow/forearm, and probably some type of upper body armor.
Jockey makes lycra based briefs which don't contribute to monkey butt. It's kinda nice having a little something on when doing the ninja costume change in the parking lot :eek:
i have several pair of zoic shorts they come with a pair of comp shorts and they have a shammy and are super comfy the have loops that connect 2 the shorts. also i find wearing them under regular cargo shorts or jeans works too you just have 2 wear a belt with them

I have been wondering about the POC shorts. I have not met anyone that has tried them. The POC VPD stuff sure protects well, not sure how flexible it will be. These types of padded shorts I like to wear OVER my chamois. The price is a bit steep, but it's so much more important to get state of the art safety gear, than the latest bling on the bike. The safety gear usually outlasts the bike gear, since I use it until I wear it out, unlike bike gear which gets upgraded when the new improved stuff comes along.

Anyone with experience with the POC hip armor?
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