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What do you think about the Hillbilly Grid (lightest version).

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On an other forum a rider was saying the Specialize Hillbilly Grid (lightest version)
29x2.6 is a great front tire, super grip and not too slow.
Is he alone or others agree that it is working well dry/wet.
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I had a 27.5x2.6 version on the front of my Pivot 5.5 for a brief time. I live in SWPa and it worked well in the loam of eastern woods and in soft/muddy conditions, when things dried out and it was hard pack I felt the knobs flexed too much. Now I'm not a racer but I do get after it a bit. It also was quite under sized, on an i35 rim it blew up to 2.4...

This was 3 yrs ago. the newer version may have changed in volume and compound, IDK.
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