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What do you do?

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so your enjoying a ride thru town on your brand new MTB and decide to roll thru the local park to show it off, but when you get there you are mobbed by people you dont know and people you dont really care for, and what do they want??? they wanna ride your new rig!!!
Jeeze look at em all, so many people wanna ride your bike but being the smart cookie you are you decide youd rather see half these proplr dead than riding you sweet brand new bike.

So my question is, When some lame-wad you hardly like comes up and asks you to take you new rig for a burn what do you tell said person???

cmon an make em funny, ive heard some good ones
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flop huh

i guess this was a flop, it sounded like a good idea at the time
I prefer showing off my new bikes to squirrels, bunnys, birds and bears. They understand that it's my precious new toys.
If ya wanna ride one of these, go buy one.

sorry thats the best I can do right now. ;)
Not too funny but....

Slap a set of regular (non-platform) Egg Beaters on there. No one will be able to ride it unless they too are riding beaters :) Then if they insist anyway you can let them and watch them "beat" their shins/calves when their feet roll off the pedals :) They won't ask again!
It's easy to break people of that habit

Just ride a fixed gear bike.

Any time someone asks to ride, physical comedy is about to ensue.

- khill
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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