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can't describe without curse words

KleinAttitude said:
Just taken ownership today

Sorry that the pics are a bit fuzzy.
The pics are great. That frame is sweet, I mean really fu**ing sweet. I love the aluminum cladding on the drive side - brilliant! Somebody needs to make cranks like that.

Your carbon chainstay model is going to get tons of attention while my aluminum one (see below) gets ignored.

I understand Yeti's first supplier of carbon parts did not meet their specs so they had to find an alternate. - that's the reason for the delay and also maybe the aluminum cladding.

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Motivated said:
just got your pun - as in the ARSe truly is SL. At least I think you intended that and it isn't a typo.
Dam I didnt even see that lol. Must have been typing in all the excitement and got my S and R back to front.

Never mind. Is should be What do you call this ASR-SL
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