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What do I need to change my gearing?

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I am looking at putting different gearing on my Surly 1x1, I am currently running a 32/16 however now that the snow is down I need to go to a 32/20 or so. I am running a Surly single speed rear hub which has a Shimano SF-mx30 on it.

Would I need to get the 3/32nd track cog or the 1/8 Track cog? Also would I need to buy another lock ring or will the Shimano one work with a Surly cog?

Also which tool would you use to remove the lock ring? I found a Freewheel remover for BMX wheels so I am assuming that it what I will require.
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Ehm, I think you'll need a freewheel, not a track cog.
Ok, now that seems to make more sence. Is there a company who makes better freewheels with 20 tooth cogs? I see Shimmano's only go to 18 tooth.
I went through a few shimano and ACS freewheels last year. They would be fine for a while then would start the "clicking" which drove me nuts.
I bought a white industries freewheel and never had another issue. It's quite a bit more expensive, but worth it for me.
W I without a doubt

White Industries is the way to go!! You won't be disappointed! :D
Ok sounds like a plan now I just need to sneek buy a 16, 18, 20 tooth ones. If you don't hear a reply with in a week my wife found out.
i have an ACS 20t and it "clicks" and "clunks" like crazy (very annoying). i am saving up to get a WI 20t. the cheapest i have found them is on for around $70.

by the way...can i borrow $70 :D
I work next door to White Industries...maybe I can sneak in while their bay door is open and grab a box full....I can't afford their stuff either.
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