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Hi all. I thought I'd first introduce myself and say hello and then put the future fate of my riding enjoyment in your hands(well not entirely). LOL.
I started road riding in my early teens(had a Reynold's framed Schwinn racer with Campy Gran Sport Groupo- still kicking myself about letting it go.LOL) then got a Diamond Back MTB with Deore LX in around '88(probably why I got rid of the Road bike). Anyway, quit riding...yada yada...two marriages...yada yada...eight years clean time...yada yada...want a 29'er. So now that we're up to speed here's what I got going on.
I'm looking at a Redline 460(1x9) and a Fisher Cobia. The pluses of the Redline are the nostalgia(my friends had Rock shox but I never caved) and steel's well...steel...they all used to be steel. I can see the ease of a 1x9 also could readily upgrade to a 2x9 with time and further investment. Plus the $200 I'd save over the Cobia could go to pedals and cleats(are they still called that?) and an urban camo Fox Flux and some lycra...oh yeah...And I figure I could always add a Tora or Reba as the finances allow.
Now the Cobia: The fat guy trapped inside of me can see the arguement for 27speeds, I'm sure Rock Shox are fast and fun. Seems like the Fisher is a good deal for the dinero, but I'd probably have to ride in my addidas', Pro tec, old Dead shirts and old nylon North Face shorts that my nuts might hang out of a little without the extra regalia loot though.
So whatta ya think. I'm 36, 5'11, 220, and probably never gonna drop off a five footer unless I don't know its there, probably will never race, etc. I just don't know which will be the funnest ride. Will I long for steel if I get the Cobia? I hear it flexes way more than Aluminum(never had one). Will I long for a front suspension if I get the Redline? I'll probably own just one bike and I think I know how I'm leaning but I'm looking for input and divine intervention here. Help me out. Give me the panacea.
Thanks for listening and good to meet you all.
-Dave in WV(Go 'eers)
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