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So after a season of beating on and crashing the Moto on rocks without any mechanical failures, I took it to Ray's and screwed over the rear wheel pretty well doing nothing spectacular. The tech guy's professional opinion was, "It's toast." Luckily there were rentals and demos for me to ride.

Anyway, the wheel is/was a Vuelta XRP Pro SL. I don't know a whole lot about wheels but I know I like these Vueltas even though its not the most highly regarded brand name. The claimed weight is 997 grams. The rim is basically bent way out of true and is very "Wobbly" past the point of trueing it by tightening and loosening the spokes.

Should I get a new rim and get someone to rebuild with my hub or should I just get a new rear wheel? What would be a good replacement rear wheel that would be comparable or maybe an upgrade for around say, less than $200?

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Rebuild that puppy.

Find your favorite local shop. Have them relace the hub into a mid 400g rim with some double butted spokes and alloy nips.

Should be less than $200 easy. Something like a WTB LaserDisc or DT Swiss
M480 32h is around $50 for the rim, and even at $1 spoke, that's 32, cost to rebuild at $25, and you are just over $100.

And for weight: Rim at 450-500g Spokes at 180g Nips at 10g Hub at 350-400g (All are guesses, but should be in the ballpark) Total weight: 990 - 1090 without much effort.

Good luck,

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