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for three!
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I'm a weight weiner!
anywho, i finally bit the bullet today and got a pretty good deal on some new kcnc brakes for my 08 stumpy hardtail.

Was going to get avid ultimate levers and brakes, but found this good deal and since it was gonna be the same price anyway, i went for it. It's funny how the weight weenie syndrome can just sneak up on you. I already have a scale, weighed my stock bike at 25.00, put on a ec90 stem, sl riser handlebars, and some furious freds and am down to 23.54. Have a thomson masterpiece on order, and i'm eyeing some xtr cranks and wheels here in the next couple weeks. It's pretty awesome riding my bike, having a blast, getting better, lighter parts, weighing my bike, riding it some more, and having even more of a blast, and repeating the process. I think i'm in this for life.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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