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What chainring and chain combo would you suggest?

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Hey All,

I'm looking for some advice on what size chainring and chain I should use; I took off 2 chainrings and installed an e13 SRS chainguide.

What would YOU do?

I have a 2004 rocky mountain flow, and am running the following stock parts:

1) Race Face Evolve DH w/ bash guard chainset (2 rings removed for the e13 SRS set, currently using a bent 33 tooth, ramped chainring)

2) Shimano Deore 9 spd cassette in the back

3) Shimano HG53-9 Chain

Thanks a lot

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I would replace the rings with Race Face rings, just their normal race rings unless you feel you need the extra strength of their Evolve DH rings, no information on the RF site on these for some reason, found them on the BTI site ( No opinion on the size. I run 2x9 not 1x9. I run 22x32.

For the chain go with SRAM. Much easier to maintain because you can remove it very easily with the power link. When you get the new chain order/buy a second link. You will need this on the trail in case you break your chain. I have a PC-99 hollopin right now. I would suggest the 99. SRAM makes good stuff.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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