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What chain guide for a ML8?

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Hey I just brought a ml8 and I can't wait to ride it.

Just have some questions:
I plan on making it a 1x10 speed setup, which chain guide works well with it? I'm looking at A MRP G2 mini the bb version.

Also I understand the manual with a rear shock service but is there I better online shock rebuild with pictures?

Where can get rear shock parts ( seals etc ) also pivot bearings etc?
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Having a chain guide will have to be a trial setup as the MonoLink floats when the suspension is cycling, and the guide will be moving with the link. Bets bet would be to ask Ethan about what the past Maverick sponsored riders used.

You can go to Maverick's website, but the info there is the same as the paper manual.

Hit an email to [email protected]
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