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What bottom braket came on your Ace?

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Hey everyone. Had my ace for about a week now and am diggin it so far. I was wondering what bottom bracket comes with it. It lists it as a Truvativ Giga Pipe XR, but looks more like a Howizter. Just wondering what BB wrench to get as I am trying to troubleshoot a creak that has developed.

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troubleshooting a creak on an aluminum frame is very difficult to do... it resonates the sound severely.
before diving in make sure everything is tight at the wheel. my skewers often don't clamp hard enough being 32g for the set so i hear a creak there. and work your way up from the basics.

if it comes down to the BB, you need to see if the bearing cups are external to the shell or internal.
the second picture in the gallery on pricepoint shows it clearly, as a howizter not a giga pipe.
Thanks for replying. I guess I will start at the wheel and work my way up.
A creak can easily just be a seatpost, stick some grease on it then see what happens. Or Drip some lubricant on the bushings at all the pivots on the frame.
From PP
"Bottom Bracket - Truvativ Giga Pipe XR, 73mm English" :skep: ;)

Howitzer is for Holzfeller cranks
highdell, look at the pictures in the gallery, its not the giga in the pictures...
facelessfools said:
highdell, look at the pictures in the gallery, its not the giga in the pictures...
it's not?
It's got a Firex Crank (which takes a Giga X Pipe BB)
and on the crank it even says "GXP"

Can you show me what I'm missing?:confused:


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To me it looks more like a GXP than a Howitzer. The cups are wider on the Howitzer:


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Regardless, the same wrench will work on all EXT. TruVativ BBs AFIK
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