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I'm looking into getting a new bike soon. 26 or 27.5 my price range is 500-700 tops.(I'd rather upgrade over time than wait to buy something more expensive, short riding season in mn)

I live by 1 lbs with limited selection. So when I go to the cities what should I spend majority of my time trying out looking at what has the best specs? I will make sure it fits me well, before any purchase. But I don't have time to spend hours n hours driving around the cities.

I'm thinking along the lines specialized hardock. Or Scott aspect 740 27.5 or trek 3700, Raleigh 2014 Tokul . I am new to MTB and don't know a lot about brands or components. so any help is aprecciated. If one has a little better specs than other.

Craigslist is not an option. Most bikes listedre a few hours away.

The Scott kinda has caught my eye. ? Thanks!

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Honestly, bikes in that price range are not going to have huge differences in component quality. Just find one that is comfortable and ride it. If you narrow it down to a couple but can't decide, post them up.
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