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What bike to ride on the Continental Divide Trail?

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My girlfriend and I are thinking about doing the Divide Trail in a few years. We are experienced light weight backpackers. But we would love some ideas of what type of bikes most people are riding on the trail. Any type of info about what bikes work well will be appreciated. Personally I figure a 29er would probably work well. I would like to avoid full suspension just because of the cost, weight and complexity. But if that is what I need then that is what I will start looking for. Just give me some ideas on what I should be thinking about building up.
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Something that has a lot of rear tire clearance for the inevitable encounters with muddy trails .
I think less than 100 people have completed that race (may be a year or two off on that stat). Check out this movie if you want some good inspiration and information...

The guy who's won the race most years rode a Leftie front fork on a hardtail. I don't remember if it was a 26'r or a 29'r. I think most of the racers use hard tails.
There's a bike build thread in the singlespeed forum you can check out.

Just give me some ideas on what I should be thinking about building up.
Your bodies threshold for seriously retarded amounts of time in the saddle.*

*often in terrible, terrible weather.
It's Mathew Lee that used the Cannondale Flash 29er with a lefty. His bike AND gear COMBINED weighed 35 lbs. But he won like six years in a row or something insane like that. I've started, but yet to finish the route. I would also say a 29er would be good, but not convinced that the suspension is needed if you're just touring. How much gear you're taking would kind of dictate your bike. A Fargo has more ways to mount gear than a Flash, but it's an anchor if you don't need it. For my next try at the Divide, I'm hoping to use my Lynskey with Revelate bags stuffed to the max. If that's not enough cargo space, hopefully somebody will make a titanium trailer that weighs less than the BOB.
People have even ridden their Surly Pugsley fatbikes. Nothing wrong with a 3.8" wide tire, eh?
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