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Hey guys,
I am looking to put the old Schwinn HT I have to pasture and use it for only commuting around town. I am leaving the sport of Motorcycling / Dreams of Racing as it has gotten too expensive. As such, I am selling my motorcycle and all of the tons of stuff I have associated with it and want to pursue my love of two wheels with a greater focus on Mountain Biking. So, the type of bike I am looking for needs to be suited for FR. I want something that I can haul or ride to the terrain, then have the ability to rock it uphill and downhill and all over various types of terrain. I want something that can take serious abuse day in and day out and still perform and hold up. Money for the bike is not too much of a concern so give me some suggestions. I am thinking of the SC VP-Free as my main choice right now. Other considerations are the Norco VPS Team DH, the Marin Quake AL-7, and the Norco VPS A-Line. Let me know what you all think. Thanks,

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