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what bike to buy for xc racing

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I am looking to buy a new bike for xc racing. I currently have a 2004 rm slayer 70 with 5 inches front and back. I wouldn't mine something a little and and more efficient. I am 5 11 and between 190 - 205. I was thinking of something the rm etsx or santacruz blur. I do lots of commuting in the summer time. The Slayer is a bit of an over kill for commuting. I want to do a 24 hour race next year. thanks for any input
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I have a 2004 (?) Trek Fuel 98. I race XC and 6hr endurance races. I've been pretty happy with it. I know several people who have blurs and like them too.

I see a lot of Giant NRS at races, but I've never been on one of them.
ive got a classic blur and really like it. i test rode a titus racer x a couple weeks ago and loved it (exogrid frame built up with SRAM XO and XTR could have had something to do with that though). i wanted to buy local and thats why i went with the blur - after riding the titus, i wish i would have bought one, but i still love my blur.
the giant anthems are real good i have one and i love it. It is basicaly the new nrs
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