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currently i'm riding a custom steel hardtail running 120mm up front, and looking to get a second bike, but what do i go for?
my riding styles mean i ride, dh, xc , and freeride
so do i go for
1) a short travel ti frame 80-100mm
2) a long travel ti frame 120-150mm
3) a short travel full suspension frame 3-4 inch
4)a medium travel full suspension frame 5-6 inch
5) a long travel suspension frame 7+ inch

i think option 1 is out as it really only fits the xc needs, any suggestions welcomed as i really don't know what i what at the moment.

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agree with rmb.

since it sounds like you want a general all mountain type of bike that is multi-purpose, a sweet 5" travel bike is tops.

i have one that is 5" along with my hardtails. anything with more travel is simply overkill for all but a few riders out there in my opinion and then climbing starts to really suffer anyway......less than 5" is nice but with a hardtail already, make it as distinct as possible from the 0" travel hardtail but still be able to climb everything and climb all day.....5" is perfect in my humble opinion.
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